Every Monterey Student is noticed, supported and extended.

As a mid-sized secondary school, Monterey offers an intimate learning environment that balances targeted, personalised learning alongside outstanding programs and facilities. Monterey knows each student well and understands their unique learning, social and emotional needs.

Our personalised approach allows us to closely monitor the learning growth of each student and provide targeted interventions to support or extend students based on their needs. This approach means students at Monterey are on their own learning pathway, uniquely tailored to their individual strengths, learning opportunities and interests.

This individualised approach is supported by our highly effective teachers and our comprehensive approach to supporting positive classroom behaviour.

Monterey provides regular updates to parents and carers on the progress each child is making in their classes. Every 4 weeks, the school issues progress reports to parents detailing the students’ academic and social growth.

In the week following the progress reports, the school contacts or meets with the family of any student considered to be “at risk” academically, or not progressing in their learning. The school and family develop and implement appropriate supports for the student to maintain high learning growth in future report cycles.

Targeted literacy and numeracy support is also provided to students 6 months or more below the expected standard, or those identified at risk of falling behind.