A whole-school approach supports each student to build respectful and positive relationships while developing mindsets and skills to become disciplined, resilient and independent.

Monterey understands that students need to be present, grounded and emotionally available for learning to achieve their best. The school uses several highly effective programs that support productive classrooms and prevent bullying among students.

Monterey Positive Behaviour Continuum

Monterey’s approach to behaviour combines the School-Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS) framework with the Berry Street Education Model and other evidence informed approaches to behaviour support.

At Monterey, this approach supports students to be respectful and productive in classrooms and the school grounds, increases the time students spend on task, improves students’ relationships with their teachers and peers and helps students feel more engaged and connected in their learning.

Our approach to behaviour readies students for success in work and life. Our core values and the “non-negotiables” that support these values are shown below.


Monterey recognises that bullying and peer victimisation undermine students’ learning and connectedness to school. Owing to the intimate nature afforded by our mid-sized student profile, teachers and wellbeing staff at Monterey are well-placed to identify and intervene early in cases of bullying between students.

The school uses a restorative approach to rebuilding relationships between students. This approach effectively supports students to build resilience and conflict resolution skills, equipping them to be independent, happy and positive members of their school and wider communities.