As a mid-sized secondary school, Monterey is able to know, welcome and support every new student helping them make a smooth and positive start to secondary school

The transition to secondary school can feel overwhelming. Monterey supports students to make the step-up smoothly and confidently.

Monterey has deep relationships with its local primary schools. Each year we have in-depth, face-to-face conversations with feeder primary schools to understand the learning, social and wellbeing needs of each student joining us the following year. We have similar telephone conversations with non-local primary schools to support any students joining us from further afield.

Our sub-school structure supports every student to make a great start with us. Students are assigned a Home Group teacher who they see each morning and are supported by a dedicated year level and transitions leader. In Year 7, students have most of their classes in the same corridor including their Home Group which builds familiarity and a sense of comfort as they move up to secondary school.


Meaningful transition activities


Monterey engages with primary students early and often to reduce any anxiety they may feel about their transition to secondary school

Transition activities include:

  • Secondary Experience Program – Local Grade 5&6 students visit Monterey for a series of immersive learning experiences.
  • Travelling Roadshow – Each year a panel of Monterey students and staff visit local primary schools to provide information on the secondary school experience and answer questions.
  • Orientation Day – Towards the end of Term 4 Monterey welcomes all students joining us the following year for an engaging day as a secondary school student.
  • Data handover meetings – The Monterey Transition Team conducts detailed meetings with students’ Grade 6 teachers to fully understand each students’ strengths, needs and areas of interest.
  • Extended Transition – any students needing additional time or support to be ready for their start with us are invited out to additional transition days and activities in the year prior to their commencement.
  • Year 7 Day 1 – Our newest students have the junior school to themselves on this day and enjoy an immersive experience to learn about the school, its programs and the journey that awaits them.